Virox PreEmpt CS20

Virox PreEmpt CS20

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Sterilant and High Level Disinfectant formulated with AHP Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 20-minute steriliant and high level disinfectant for for reprocessing heat sensitive semi-critical and critical devices for which heat sterilization is not suitable.
  • The oxidation action of Hydrogen Peroxide provides added confidence that bio-burden potentially left behind during cleaning will not affix to surfaces
  • As a Ready to Use solution, there is no need to mix prior to use or add an activator
  • Requires no special ventilation;  It is a more responsible solution for disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals
  • The active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing environmental impact.
  • May be reused for up to 14 days
  • Use with AHP72 test strips
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