Marine Salt with Laminaria Algae & Lotus ORE

Marine Salt with Laminaria Algae & Lotus ORE


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Marine Salt, Laminaria Algae & Lotus Body Scrub.

  • Body Polish / Exfoliation
  • Bath
  • Pedicure

The scrubbing salts are made with marine salt, rich in trace-elements. The Sea salt exfoliates the skin while depositing mineral elements from the algae.

The scrubbing treatment should be done previously to any body wrap. Containing Laminaria algae which contain trace-elements and marine elements, this green bathing salt allows to reconstitute the conditions of a true marine bath.

Benefits of using our Marine Salt, Laminaria Algae & Lotus Body Scrub:

  • The algae baths promoted for spa treatments where Laminaria properties are well known for toning.
  • Exfoliation prepares the skin to receive all of the benefits of thalassotherapy treatments.

1 kg / 2.2 lb

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