Latex Finger Cots *SMALL ONLY*


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“High-Quality” Latex Finger Cots, Small 18mm Finger Cots are are typically used by home heath care givers, kitchen workers and others to cover cuts and open wounds while working, in order to prevent infection and the spread of disease. They are very useful for keeping bandages on an injured finger, especially for activities like typing. They can also be used by massage therapists to prevent massage lotions or oils from entering small cuts or abrasions on the fingers. Finger cots are especially important in areas of manufacturing during handling of small parts or components to prevent contamination by humans or where only protection of the fingers is necessary. These finger cots are tissue thin, but super tough. A “high-quality”, white latex assures a smooth finish, good sensitivity and a perfect fit. The best test for good finger cots is that wearing them is like wearing nothing at all. They are also used to keep moisture and dirt out of skin abrasions, cuts or stitches on the fingers.